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Revolutionize Kitchen Productivity

with IoT-Based Solutions to Enhance Kitchen Performance

Connected Kitchen Equipment & Food Safety

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With the Open Kitchen application, foodservice operators can connect to and monitor different types and brands of kitchen equipment and automate essential commercial kitchen processes, including food safety monitoring, using just one platform.

Connected Equipment

Operators have visibility across all locations and equipment via a single portal. That isn't limited to Middleby's family of brands. Open Kitchen is truly open, allowing you to connect to all types of kitchen equipment and brands.


Through connected equipment, operators can access real-time data on food prep and storage, track consumption across equipment types, gain visibility into key performance metrics, and even create and distribute recipes.

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Open Kitchen Food Safety user interface


Food Safety

With easy to install wireless temperature sensors, foodservice operators will be comfortable knowing that precise temperature data is available at any time. Hot or cold, monitoring both refrigeration and food warming equipment is easy and accessible, with real-time alerts and exception reports pushed to the operator.


Energy Management

Open Kitchen's equipment optimization and energy management application provides a comprehensive solution that enhances visibility across your entire enterprise while simultaneously lowering operational expenses. Through centralized control of HVAC, lighting, and equipment, you can effectively strike a balance between comfort, energy efficiency and cost-savings.


Open Kitchen energy management user interface


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Open up your kitchen's possibilities with Open Kitchen.


Learn more about food safety monitoring systems.

Read the white paper from Powerhouse Dynamics, Better and Faster: Reinventing Food Safety Management with the Internet of Things.

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Thanks to new technology, the traditional approach most foodservice businesses have taken to address food safety and HACCP compliance can now be dramatically improved.


In this comprehensive white paper, you'll learn how the Internet of Things is giving foodservice operators a leg up with levels of data and connectivity never seen before. 


You'll also learn how:


  • Continuous collection and analysis of food temperature data reduces food safety risks and product loss
  • Continuous data collection also pushes up the quality of food delivered
  • Automated data collection yields labor cost savings and more accurate data
  • Critical control points can now move upstream to equipment performance, a leading indicator of temperature problems
  • Equipment performance links food safety and asset management, which can drive down operating costs

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