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Smart-Order Pick Up Cabinets

The PUC from Carter-Hoffmann is a safe, secure, automated, self-serve smart pick up system that helps eliminate unnecessary and unsafe contact between restaurants and customers.

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The Next Generation of Grab-and-Go Solutions

Not only does the PUC keep food and customers safe, it's secure, reduces labor, and streamlines pick up.


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No Contact Pick Up

With a microbial exterior, the PUC from Carter-Hoffmann is ideal for no contact pick up for foodservice operations.


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Bring Smart Order Pick Up to Your Operation 



Induction Delivery Equipment

Food delivered fresh and hot helps keep your customers loyal. CookTek heated delivery systems use induction technology to retain flavor and warmth – just like serving food straight from the oven!


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Heated delivery in 30 minutes.

Never deliver cold, soggy food again! The ThermaCube Food Delivery System from CookTek offers unparalleled performance for maintaining temperature and controlling humidity. The ThermaCube induction heated delivery bag is designed to optimize food temperatures for up to 30 minutes!




Pizza Delivery System

Deliver Hot Pizza Like It's Straight from the Oven.

For nearly a decade leading chains and savvy independent pizza operators have used the CookTek Pizza Delivery System and associated VaporVent bags to deliver piping hot, crispy pizza.



Is Induction Delivery Right for Your Operation?

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Take the Next Step in Takeout Foodservice

Take the Fear Out of Takeout

With online ordering and touch-less pick-up, the Carter-Hoffmann PUC is something to consider when developing or enhancing a takeout restaurant business.

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Ideas for Successful Restaurant Delivery and Takeout Service-1

What's Happening to the Pizza Industry?

Right now, there are a lot of things up in the air. What kind of toll will it take on the restaurant industry? Is takeout going to sustain us? Where does pizza fall into that equation?

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